The Power of Building Trust

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: there’s no better way to alleviate conflict, grow your team and foster a culture where everyone feels valued and heard than BUILDING TRUST. But building trust ain’t so easy is it?! It takes people on your team being willing to take a risk…be vulnerable….open their “house” to others. It is a courageous act. I had the gift of watching a misaligned executive leadership team take huge risks, stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones, and begin to see one another very differently…by lunchtime today they’d pushed their lunch tables together…so as to not leave anyone out. I could’ve cried to simply see that…something they didn’t even realize they’d done.

What inside of us opens up to allow new things in? My theory is that you can’t let new stuff in without letting old stuff GO. We have to let go of the little things, assume positive intent on behalf of others, and take risks in order to grow ourselves as leaders.

And when you take that risk, make that leap, and leave behind the “yuck”…man, it CHANGES EVERYTHING.

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