Did you know that more than 85% of the population are primarily visual learners?  Imagine what it would look like if you could SEE your internal processes in pictures. What you would see on paper that you don’t…or can’t…see every day?  What different strategic decisions would you make if you could just see what the larger system looks like?









Our highly skilled facilitators will lead your team and/or key stakeholders through a discussion to draw out the steps, intricacies and complexities of your processes while our Graphic Recorder listens and “draws” the process live on large paper right in front of the group.







This visual capturing of the individual process steps allows everyone in the room to come to consensus about “what is” (the current reality).  Then we shift and together create a NEW visual process map of the ideal state of the process (“what should be”).









As a team we then compare the two maps; it then becomes VISUALLY clear where waste exists in the system, duplication of efforts, unnecessary touches, barriers and/or wasted resources.








The next step is for us to help you create a clear strategy plan to address the waste and to revitalize and streamline your process.  It’s one of the simplest ways we know to gain agreement by key stakeholders about what really happens in a process, so that together they can jointly agree on what needs to happen (or shift) going forward.









We’ve done this visual process mapping with many Fortune 100-1000 companies and as a result they’ve been able to make immediate changes to their systems, tackle low-hanging fruit, and see considerable cost savings in multiple areas…right away.







One of the benefits of our process is SPEED; in a few days you’ve mapped out your complex systems and everyone’s on the same page.  Our process isn’t about doing a year’s worth of research, diagnosing the system, and reporting out to the senior team for approval, blah blah blah.  We like to keep it simple. We have the decision-makers in the room and we knock it out.  Visually mapping out a complex process can be an incredibly powerful tool for making meaningful, sustainable change.  We promise.
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