Visual Communication is communication through some type of visual aid.  It is the conveyance of ideas and information that can be read or looked upon.
At Five Elements Consulting Group visual communication is simply a way we think, process and do business.  It allows us to help teams grasp concepts through the use of bold maps, insightful visuals and powerful digital storytelling.







Why?  Because pictures TELL A STORY.  And brain-based research shows that stories and images cement concepts in individuals’ minds.






We visually communicate your ideas through:



►Live Graphic Recording of meetings, presentations, keynotes and brainstorming sessions [Click here for more info]






►Live Graphic Recording on an iPad during your meeting [Click here for more info]







►Visual process mapping [Click here for more info]








►Reports or powerpoint presentations transformed into visuals [Click here for examples]










►Precharting for meetings (customized agendas, outcomes, quotes, group breakout templates, visioning maps) [Click here for examples]









►In-studio vision or strategic planning maps [Click here for examples]








►Digital storytelling (compilation videos of your meeting, interviews with leaders, etc.) [Click here for more info]








►Communication documents [Click here for examples]






►Customized branding [Click here for more info]









►Custom-illustrated business models or templates [Click here for examples]









►Digital photography and photo slide shows [Click here for more info]







Customized templates for group process and breakout team work, including Visual Game Boards [Click here for examples]








►Taking your complex ideas (about anything!) and making them SIMPLE by drawing them out to enable others to easily understand the meaning








►Timelines, history or journey maps [Click here for examples]








►Illustrated handouts, workbooks or manuals [Click here for examples]







We believe the great artist Georgia O’Keefe got it right.  She said “I found that I could say things with color and images that I had no words for.”  Yeah, we think so too.


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