Imagine a room filled with people from all parts of your business, coming together to imagine a FUTURE OF POSSIBILITY, build from a foundation of mutual values and agreed-upon behaviors.





Oh, and everything the group talks about, creates together and agrees to is captured in the moment by a Graphic Recorder, in the room, LIVE, as your people have the conversations.









There are no tables, no barriers, and the process is a CELEBRATION of what could be.  Imagining the future as we want it…together.  And then we’ll help you create the path to get there.







We believe BRAINSTORMING processes should be fun.  We create a space for learning and creativity that allows you and your team to think completely differently by theoretically stepping outside of your box and into other industries, other businesses and examining other products to stretch the boundaries of what you think is possible.







We have a Graphic Recorder in the room to capture all of the ideas to ensure all of the ideas and outputs in pictures as they evolve…documented graphically, so you and your team can literally SEE the process of your thinking.






One of the brainstorming processes we use to help you generate new ideas is an innovative design thinking and rapid prototyping process.  You bring the product, market, design, marketing or organizational issue, and we guide you and your team through a customized process to help you formulate a workable number of new and innovative ideas that are measured against your specific criteria (typically set around ability to implement, feasibility, cost, and other resources).





Throughout our Visioning and Brainstorming sessions we stretch your thinking by teaching you tools to catalyze new connections.  We teach you to constantly ask yourselves the questions “Why not…? What if…? How could we…?”





This will be the most fun, creative, productive, collaborative time you can imagine, and you and your team walk away with real work done. No ties, dress shirts, or suits allowed.  Period.
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