Strategy doesn’t just position a company in its external landscape.  It defines what the company will BECOME, and more importantly from an execution standpoint, the path to get there.








We approach strategy first from a place of imagining what the future could look like.  Through a highly-engaging process, we elicit from your people their vision for the future and in the moment, our Graphic Recorder will create a full color visual map of that vision, highlighting each individual element that comes out in the discussion.





We find that when teams get clear about what they care about, that the “how” of strategy becomes inherently clearer.  Once teams agree upon a common core and values that matter most to them, they are able to come together to make things happen…quickly.









Using the visual map, we then determine clear steps (and sub-steps) for achieving individual goals and together we identify a structured, accountable, measurable, sustainable plan for moving forward.





We guide you through a process to assign personal accountability for each of the core agreed-upon strategic elements by identifying the individuals who are the key to the success of the strategic element, using the RASIC model of accountability.  We set up  clear strategy progress check-in points, and agree upon ways to hold one other accountable for results.









We help you determine what SUCCESS looks like, so you know it when you have it.






It’s that simple.  And it actually makes strategic planning fun.









Yes, we said it.  FUN.
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