Michelle Boos-Stone is a valued keynote speaker who consistently receives the highest evaluation feedback scores at events.  Why?  She’s engaging, has real content that makes people think differently and she’s hysterical.  She believes that if people aren’t laughing, they aren’t learning.  At a recent keynote an audience member’s comment was “Michelle made really hard concepts very easy to understand, plus I was mesmerized by her boundless energy.  I wished she talked longer!”
Michelle will work with you to customize what she calls a “conversational keynote” (or presentation) that best fits your audience’s needs and is tailored to hit on the business outcomes or messages essential to you and your organization.  Presentations can also be followed up with more in-depth workshops on the topic for participants.
Some of keynotes and presentations Michelle has done recently:




♦  Presenting with Confidence: learn new models for preparing for any meeting and presentation so that you show up powerfully and with presence.  Understand what your audience needs from you and get tools and tips to deliver it powerfully, based on brain-based learning and interaction styles.







♦  Growing & Retaining Your Top Talent:  In today’s world you have to do it DIFFERENTLY to keep your key people given the level of competition out there.  Michelle will take you on a journey to show you what your people want, what will keep them, and what behavior changes YOU can make to be one of the reasons they stay.






♦  Intentional Leadership:  Today’s leaders are different.  They need to be able to think big, focus on the hard problems, get the right people to focus on those problems, then get out of the way and let people own their work.  Leaders today need to build a culture where PEOPLE are the most important assets and they are valued as such.  Without great people who care, an organization is just bricks and mortar.  Michelle will show your leaders what they need to do to truly care and she’ll share transformational stories of what shifts inside organizations when it happens.






♦  The Secrets of Getting the Best From Your People:  Your people WILL change…but they want you to go to FIRST!  Getting the best from your people means clearly understanding what they care about (and, by the way, most of the time money is at the bottom of that list).  Through stories and case studies Michelle will take you on a journey through organizations that truly put their people first to get the very best from them.  She will provoke your leaders to shift their own models and behaviors to DO MORE and think differently to connect with their people in more profound ways.  They’ll learn the vital importance of “the invitation” and “the thank you”, plus other tools and models for engagement and collaboration.





♦  Utilizing Visual Communication to Enhance Group Learning:  This is a presentation for your facilitators and trainers to show them ways to use powerful visuals to catalyze and enhance group process through the creation of simple charts, maps, powerpoints, templates and handouts.  More than 83% of the population are visual learners and as facilitators we need to communicate to them in ways they understand.  This session teaches your trainers simple drawing techniques, the power of color and scent theories, using different types of media for impact and how to create easy visual templates for group breakout work to catalyze collaboration and capture ideas.


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