Culture Change  - People, teams and organizations are in a constant state of change.  Change is just another word for growth – but change is also unbelievably hard on your people. We give your leaders powerful tools to better understand and communicate how individuals go through the PROCESS of CHANGE, which will greatly improve your organization’s ability to implement change in a quicker, healthier and more positive way.




Creative Meeting Design and Facilitation – Often individuals and teams in organizations are too close to the questions to enable them to find the answers. Or perhaps you’re just tired of the same old yearly meeting.  We design meetings where the WHOLE INDIVIDUAL is engaged, with consideration to different learning styles, various media (videos, digital storytelling, team building exercises and experiences), and a whole lot of energy and laughter!  We build your meeting with the outcomes in mind, and then our skilled facilitators’ unmatched energy and enthusiasm will engage your people and give them a clear view of what needs to get done.  We re-energize your people to ensure they build the energy and skills they need to take action! These typically take the form of retreats, visioning and planning meetings, and brainstorming or problem-solving sessions.





Leader Development – We believe that people can – and should – lead from wherever they sit in the organization.  It’s up to us to create the space that allows them to build trust, then grow and flourish in their own leadership role.  We design a customized Leader Development Program for your team to help individuals identify who they are as leaders, take ownership of their work, get clarity about their current reality, teach them skills to manage change, and identify a clear action path to achieve their leadership goals…and to imagine the possibilities for their future as a different, stronger, more capable leader.







Conflict Resolution - Conflict stinks, but it’s a part of life.  Learning to manage and deal with conflict is healthy and necessary for personal and organizational growth.  If there is discord on your senior team, or if you just want to teach your team some skills before something comes up, we are experts in sensitive conflict resolution.  We help our clients work through issues to resolution in a trusting, intuitive, yet personal way.  We help them view differences not merely as problems to be solved, but rather, as a way to grow their personal skill set as a leader.







Sustainable Team Learning Skills - The more we can learn about human interaction, the better we can get at it.  On teams, we are constantly faced with issues and conflicts that affect our work.  We can teach your team amazing tools, tips and behaviors that will shift how they show up, increase their ability to manage change and conflict, and how to work in a more collaborative manner. The people we admire the most have great interpersonal competencies…this is your team’s opportunity to build trust, learn new skills, and to grow to enable new possibilities.






 Team Building Activities - Teamwork and collaboration is something we all WANT, but most of us have no clear understanding of how to GET it from our teams, especially if there are issues or conflicts. We teach you and your team the critical skills to understand group and individual dynamics, how to manage change, and most importantly, how to build an environment of trust and acceptance that allows people to say what they REALLY think and feel; and where there are clear processes for decision-making supporting one another.  Our team building activities are focused around catalyzing a whole new level of ENGAGEMENT among your team, through fun, simulated experiences that provide the vehicle for amazing, and new conversations to take place.






Leadership Coaching and Growth - Let’s face it:  the BEST PERFORMERS in the world all have coaches because their unbiased and objective support allows you the personal space to grow and become a better leader.  They help you along the journey.  In Hawaiian culture, they call this journey the Hoe Wa’a…a voyage of discovery.  Our coaches are here to help you on that journey and to help develop clear action plans for growth to help you get to where you want to go as a leader.






Strategic Planning & Visioning - We design and facilitate powerfully engaging planning and visioning processes that provide your organization with an areed-upon, long-term roadmap – actually a VISUAL ROADMAP – for your future.  We approach strategy first from a place of imagining what the future could look like.  Through a highly engaging Visioning process, we elicit from your people their vision for the future in the moment our Graphic Recorder will create a full color visual map of that vision, highlighting individual elements.  Using the visual map, we then determine clear steps for achieving goals and identify a structured, accountable, measurable, sustainable plan for moving forward.  It’s that simple.




Cross-Cultural Understanding – We live and work in a global world.  And today’s global world requires that people understand other cultures and act with awareness and appreciation of differences. This also means that individuals need to understand their own culture and its effects on people of other cultures.  We teach cultural and social implications of our behavior, what’s appropriate/inappropriate when engaging in international business relationships, and heighten self-awareness of other cultures around the world.


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