We strongly believe that we are all products of our past experiences and that in order for us to focus and grow ourselves as leaders, and to successfully develop our teams we must DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.
In our work with clients we’ve found that many times as we move ahead in our careers that we’re afraid to raise our hand and say “I don’t know how to do that.”  We’re afraid that it might make us look like we don’t know what we’re doing, or not fit for the role we’re currently in.  We make it safe for you and your team to learn new skills and gain expertise…individuals or together.  And we do it in a way that gives everyone a common understanding and a shared language that enables everyone to interact and collaborate at a higher level.  We (do we dare say) make it fun.  Really.


We help you identify a clear criteria for leaders within your organization to gain a foundation and a vision for what your organization truly needs from its leaders.  Then we have a series of models and visual processes we utilize to help you by:
♦ Identifying your current LEADERSHIP GAPS
♦ COACHING individual leaders TO GROW SKILLS and EXPERTISE
♦ Working with teams of leaders to shift accountability and ownership…and ultimately BEHAVIORS for SUCCESS
♦ Identifying and SHIFTING TO LEADERFUL BEHAVIORS and NORMS as a leader
♦ Creating a sustainable growth and DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR HIGH POTENTIAL LEADERS
♦ Developing a GLOBAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING with multi-tiered layers of learning around what it takes to be a global leader in today’s economy and market
♦ Teaching your own leaders how to COACH and MENTOR their people
♦ Creating a vision, values and outcomes that matter through a deep dive with your LEADERSHIP TEAM
♦ Creating a NEW MODEL for LEADERSHIP within your organization to stretch and grow your leaders’ thinking and doing



One of the things we’re REALLY great at is bringing together groups of people focused around a common purpose and outcomes.  This might be an intact team with multiple new members needing to re-acclimate itself to their vision together.  It might be a cross-organizational project-based team that is chartered to work together…and they just can’t quite make it work.  It might be that your team comes together every quarter to refresh, renew and re-align around organizational goals.  Perhaps you desperately need to clarify Roles & Responsibilities on your team.  Or perhaps your team is having major interpersonal or interdepartmental issues and you need an unbiased, thoughtful “someone” to intervene and help the group move forward.



We do all that.  And a lot more. Working with teams is what we do best.  We feel that in order for teams to function at their highest capacity and success, there must be a foundation of trust.  And when we trust one another, we can build a relationship.  When we build relationships with one another, we believe you can do ANYTHING…that the possibilities for success are unlimited.  We see it happen all the time.
Here are some of the things we can do for you around Team Development:
♦ Clarify Team Roles & Responsibilities through a fun, engaging one-day process
♦ Work with and coach individual team members to maximize their development and success
♦ Create a customized experiential teambuilding indoor/outdoor activity (that’s like nothing you’ve seen before)
♦ Identify the Roles needed within the team and create a plan to hire to the gaps
♦ Design and deliver an amazing offsite retreat for your team to build trust, clarify priorities, gain understanding and teach new skills and expertise…and to have amazing fun time together
♦ Deliver training on “How to Have Meetings That Don’t Suck”, which includes creating a checklist for who must attend and why, agenda etiquette, email invites, staying on task, conference call etiquette and more
♦ Teach your team skill-based models around communication, collaboration and engagement through a variety of learning styles and role play
♦ Interview your team to discover “what isn’t working” and create a series of (funny) skits to demonstrate what’s really going on, in order to open up the conversation about “what we need to do to change”
♦ For teams that are dysfunctional and potentially have multiple layers of issues, we interview everyone on the team, gain a common understanding of current reality, then custom-design an offsite retreat to do a deep dive into the resolution of those issues through the lens of shared understanding about future goals and objectives
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