Research shows us that 85% of the population are primarily visual learners.  Graphic Recording is an incredibly interactive, visual process using key words, color and images to record and enhance communication and enhance memory retention.  It keeps participants in meeting focused on the content and it brings to life hard-to-grasp concepts in clear images – creating a “picture” of what the group is hearing or creating together.  Working in real time, the Graphic Recorder utilizes their honed skill of deep listening and information synthesis to capture the context of the meeting:  the conversations, key discussion points and agreements, outcomes, points of departure, and learnings…weaving them all together with text and graphics on large 4’ x 8’ visual charts/maps.




Our Graphic Recorders are trained in a methodology enabling them to truly grasp complex business concepts and be able to negotiate the hierarchies of information.  They are an integral part of the design process, partnering  with the client, the facilitator and the team to create the best outcomes for the participants.  Our Graphic Recorders capture everything, allowing participants to be present in the meeting and contribute in a more meaningful way.






Graphic Recording also enables participants to create greater synergy, to see connections in seemingly disparate ideas and to bring together different patterns of thinking.  It creates a historical document for teams/organizations that brings together rich thinking and content in a beautiful, powerful way.  It also creates what we call “a-ha” moments for teams, allowing them to think, reflect and TRANSFORM together, while enhancing group memory.





After the meeting is completed, your maps are shipped to our partner Landau Chartworks.  They digitally scan the maps in pdf, jpeg or other formats you request.  We can also create powerful  visual workbooks of the maps for your team, with fill-in templates posing questions to spur them to behavioral change and action.





We also have Graphic Recorders who can record your meeting on an iPad…how totally cool is that?  Just ask us…







Our Graphic Recording Referral Service will match you with the best Graphic Recorder for your needs, based on content knowledge and expertise, geography, availability and most importantly, personality and fit within your culture.  We make sure you get the Graphic Recorder that is right for your meeting, event or project. We promise.

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