Let’s face it:  the BEST PERFORMERS in the world all have coaches…Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, and even the top CEOs of the Fortune 100 Companies.  Coaches are unbiased and objective support to allow you the personal space to grow and become a better leader.  They help you along the journey.  In Hawaiian culture, they call this journey the Hoe Wa’a…a voyage of discovery.  Our coaches are here to help you on that journey.




Our coaching is an opportunity for you to:

–Examine who you are as a leader
–Clarify who and what you want to be in the future
–Identify and learn the skills, knowledge and expertise you need to get there
–Create a Learning & Growth Plan to get you there
–Get on-the-spot advice when you’re stuck in a tough business situation
–Measure your progress and growth…and adjust as your life and role changes





Our coaching model takes into consideration your WHOLE SELF – because all of you is who shows up as a leader.  Presencing is an important part of your coaching process – HOW YOU SHOW UP MATTERS.








We have found that face-to-face coaching always produces the best results.  But given the virtualness of the world today, we’ve developed a model that works really well:  1.5 days face-to-face to develop the Learning & Growth Plan together, then 75 – 90 minute coaching sessions once a month via phone or by Skype.  And you always have access to our coaches by phone if something comes up and you want or need to talk it through – we are in service of you.







“Wayfinding” is the ancient practice of navigating in the ocean without a sextant, compass, clock, maps, etc.  The Wayfarer relied only on observations of the stars, the sun, the ocean, the wind, and other signs of nature for assurance and guidance.  The role of today’s Wayfarer is to help people reach their destination safely and confidently.  At Five Elements Consulting Group our coaches are your Wayfarers to the possibility of a new future for you as a leader and for your organization.
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