Culture is essentially an organization’s implicit patterns of behaviors, activities, processes and attitudes shaped by a shared set of values and beliefs that characterize the way people work together.





The right THINKING plus the right BEHAVIORS plus the right PEOPLE in the right ENVIRONMENT for the right REASON = a more engaged and collaborative CULTURE that will produce exponentially powerful RESULTS.






But culture change is incredibly complex.  In order to DO things differently, we must SEE things differently.  In order to see things differently, we need to:
♦Re-examine our VALUES an our SHARED VISION…together
♦Ensure alignment of work processes through the creation of a STRATEGY to enable change…with a clear path for executing on the strategy
♦GUIDE and ENGAGE your people through the change process
♦Align and ENABLE the system to support the culture
♦Nurture ongoing learning and COMMUNICATION around skills and behaviors to support CULTURAL NORMS
How do we do it?  We meet you where you’re at within your culture change process, whether you’re just starting, you’re stuck, or you simply need some guidance.  For us, culture change starts and ends with YOUR PEOPLE.  Nothing happens without them, so we make them the most important part of the culture change process.
We conduct a CULTURAL ASSESSMENT by interviewing your people and taking a deep dive into your culture.  We openly review our findings with you in a Cultural Assessment Report.  Then we partner with you to GET TO WORK building TRUST and making things happen.



People WANT to change, but they want YOU to go FIRST!  Your people want to observe their leaders acting differently before THEY will.  We work with your leaders to allow them to see how shifting their own behaviors will dramatically affect the culture.






Using the results of the assessment, we help you determine the biggest IMPACT AREAS FOR CHANGE.  We’ll help you clarify ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES through an incredibly simple process where everyone has a say and responsibilities are jointly agreed-upon.
We take your team through a VISION & VALUES OFFSITE RETREAT to create a shared set of values that have meaning for everyone, and a shared vision for the future.  We utilize our graphic recorders in this process, so that as the conversations, values, and new vision emerge, the ideas and agreements are captured in powerful graphics on large maps in real time.  This allows you to have a historical documentation of the process and use the graphic maps to visually communicate your vision to others.


One of the most critical components of powerful culture change is BUILDING TRUST.  Without trust, nothing happens.  We help you determine the desired LEADERFUL BEHAVIORS to hold each other accountable.  And an interesting thing happens when we all begin to build trust and get clear about our shared vision and values:  the right people REINVEST THEIR ENERGY and passion into the organization…and the wrong people “get off the bus.”  (And we help them leave with grace and dignity).





We’ll show you the LEADERSHIP TOOLS you need to build trust, grow your leaders, strengthen individual communication, expand decision-making and enable ongoing learning.  We help you create the space so that your people WANT TO STAY.



Every culture needs to have a WAY OF BEING and we help you create a set of CULTURAL PILLARS to guide your organization’s behaviors. And we make it fun.  Promise.
So what does it take to have a STRONG CULTURE?  We think companies with strong cultures are great at 5 things:
1. LEADERSHIP: leaders must be visible, have a clear vision of the future, and they must communicate the vision over and over (and over). And most importantly, leaders must CARE.
2. PEOPLE:  people must be honored and valued for both individual and group contributions and have their voices heard. They also need to have the resources to do their jobs effectively.
3. DECISION-MAKING & AUTHORITY:  clarity around decision-making and clear lines of authority allow people focus on their work.
4. WORK SYSTEMS & PROCESSES:  work systems and processes must be clearly defined and be adaptable to changes
5. CHARACTER:  people want to bring their best selves to work every day.  They want to be individuals that are part of something bigger.  Characters are welcome in strong cultures.
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