Imagine this….




You receive a box in the mail from your leader and when you open it, out flies a live butterfly…and inside the box is an invitation to come be a part of the transformation of your team







At your annual Regional Leadership Meeting the financial reporting is drawn and posted on the wall in graphic maps (but not reported out), each regional team does a skit to share their top 2 learnings and failures, and your teambuilding exercise for the first night consists of wine, cold beer, making s’mores over a fire pit…and no “work talk”









Your offsite Leadership Retreat is at the beach, and some of the most PROFOUND LEARNINGS you gained was from building sandcastles during a team building exercise with people you work with every day but you hardly knew…until now






Walking into an offsite visioning retreat and on the wall is a list called “What Keeps Me Up at Night About Our Work”…and you realize that everyone else in the room worries about the same things you do





You show up to an offsite meeting at a hotel and there are no chairs and tables, only comfortable couches, end tables, lamps and ottomans…and lots and lots of pillows







Getting a random puzzle piece in a clear envelope sent to your office with a message inside that says “if you want to be part of the solution, come to Conference Room B at 1:45pm”








Each session at your conference is being captured, live, by a Graphic Recorder, who is drawing what is being said on large maps, that will be scanned down and later posted on your website…creating a historical documentation of your event





In the middle of your meeting room is a table set up with a huge, 4’ x 8’ full color, hand-illustrated board game, complete with cards and dice, customized for your new pharmaceutical rep team, so they can learn the intricacies of the new drug (plus competitor information and statistics) in a fun, engaging way…and win great prizes, of course! Click here for an example.




You walk away from every meeting with a small visual reminder of a powerful idea from the event, whether it be a pink glass elephant (reminding you to “talk about the pink elephants in the room), or a piece of a white picket fence (with mini photos of a rhino and an angel on it), or a red string tied in a knot with a charm attached





You walk in the door of your offsite meeting at a hotel and the entire room is set up as a grocery store aisle, with your own and your competitors’ products surrounding you. The consumers of your food, your customers, are the first speakers of the day…and the last speakers of the day.





Let’s face it:  most meetings we attend are (yawn, yawn) BORING!  At Five Elements Consulting Group we’ve studied the effects of brain-based learning on adults…and adult brains need to be stimulated often, ideas switched every 30 minutes, and they need to be EXPERIENCING and SEEING things in order for them to REMEMBER what they’re hearing.   So we design our meetings and events with that thinking in mind.





We also know that THE UNEXPECTED is a great way to get a response, and to keep people ENGAGED and interested.  So we do lots of unexpected things in our meetings (like show video clips from Pink Panther movies to drive home a point), or create a music video featuring your senior leadership team.  Why?  Because PEOPLE RETAIN INFORMATION BETTER WHEN THEY’RE LAUGHING AND THEY’RE ENGAGED.  It’s a fact.  And, frankly, it makes sense, right?






We utilize the unexpected to catalyze new thinking.  We engage your people to THINK DIFFERENTLY about strategic problems.  Issues and barriers they face every day on their team begin to look different when seen from another perspective.  Laughter and new teaming breaks through complexity and allows for new possibilities to emerge.






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