We believe that exceptional consultants are intuitive about people.  And they are invested in growing individuals and teams on a personal level.  They truly CARE about your people and are committed to helping them flourish.  They do what’s necessary to be in service of your group. When talking about the work that needs to get done, they can’t help but use the term “WE” instead of “I” because they feel as if they are a part of your team.




WHY?  Exceptional facilitators know the most important thing of all is building trust, valuing the people in the room, and making sure they are aligned around a common outcome or vision.  They realize that sometimes the best laid plans have to be scrapped in service of the team…and when that happens, they fearlessly dance, using their expertise and knowledge to get the group where they need…and want…to go.
Our team of highly-skilled consultants and facilitators ARE exceptional because we have unbelievably high expectations of them…and they have those same expectations of themselves.




As Principal of Five Elements Consulting Group, Michelle Boos-Stone hand-picks the consultants on our team.  Together, we partner with you to plan and create an event or meeting that is carefully crafted around your objectives, is customized for your culture, is fun and engaging, and exceeds your expectations at every level.  We also have a unique skill set on our team: most of our consultants are also experienced Graphic Recorders, so they design meetings and client engagements with visual communication in mind.



WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY A long time ago Michelle decided she would only work with clients who truly cared about and wanted to grow their people, regardless of the industry they were in.  And she’d expereienced enough boring meetings and lackluster consultants to last a lifetime.  So Michelle made a choice to bring her WHOLE SELF to every client and every client engagement, no matter what.  It is her DIFFERENTIATOR…it is OUR differentiator as a consulting firm.  Michelle believes that when you passionately care about individuals and you have the skills, expertise and confidence to grow them and their organizations into unmatched possibility, THAT’S GAME CHANGING.  And this isn’t just our work…this is our LIFE’S WORK.





So what the heck is “Organizational Development” anyway?
Organizational Development (or OD) is the lens through which we do our consulting work.  OD is simply a methodology for thinking about systems and human behavior to plan and manage the development of organizations into thriving, growing, healthy, organic human systems that meet the needs of all their stakeholders. Blah, blah, blah.  It’s about PEOPLE!  Our consulting work is centered around people:  growing them as leaders, shifting the organization’s culture, and improving the effectiveness and possibilities for the future.




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