When I tallied the results of over a dozen sessions at our Training of Top Notch Trainers event, Michelle’s interactive workshop was the highest rated session.  The most common feedback from our experienced group of professional trainers was that people wanted more time – just the kind of feedback I like to hear.  Michelle exudes a positive energy that perfectly complements her creativity and talent.  We’ve enjoyed her services three times and look forward to having her back again.”

John McCloskey, Deputy Director of Training, NeighborWorks America














One of the coolest things we do is custom-design and facilitate workshops to revitalize your team and teach new skills, knowledge and behaviors that result in happier, more invested, engaged team members.  For you, that equals increased productivity and ultimately better outcomes for your team and your organization. Ta-dah!





We customize each learning experience based on what your team needs to grow and be more successful…now and in the future.  Each session is designed with clear, tangible outcomes and we utilize a wide array of visual tools to support participants’ learning such as storytelling, custom board games, breakout group templates, visual workbooks and handouts, full color maps, historical timelines, etc. [Click here for samples]







We also love to bring one of our highly skilled Graphic Recorders with us to our workshops, to visually prep the room with graphics and capture your workshop session LIVE and in the moment.  Our Graphic Recorders visually draw out the content and conversations of your meeting in a compelling way to allow you to utilize the graphic maps post event, to communicate what happened, as a learning tool, and as a documentation of agreements.





Our workshops engage the WHOLE LEARNER.  Research shows us that people only remember information in 30 minute chunks.  So we structure our workshops to be a great mix of presentation, paired sharing, small group work, learning activities, stories, videos, and large group work…and everything is sprinkled with a fat dose of humor.  When the Five Elements Consulting Group team is engaged, learning and having fun, we know that YOUR team is doing the same. Fun, engaging and ultimately memorable.  That’s really what matters to us.



♦ Team Building
♦ Board Retreats
♦ Strategic Planning
♦ Brainstorming Sessions 
♦ Vision & Values Creation Sessions
♦ Utilizing the Power of Visual Communication (for Trainers & Consultants; for Educators)
♦ Advanced Visual Communication
♦ Culture Change
♦ Sales Training (we’ve created board games to teach pharma sales staff about new drugs they sell…to incredible success!)

♦ Powerful Communications (to build individual and team skills)

♦ Business Boot Camps

Graphic Recording Business Boot Camp (click on for more information)

Facilitator Business Skills Boot Camp (FBSBC) (click here)

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