Graphic Recording Business Boot Camp (GRBBC)

For more information and to register for the upcoming Graphic Recording Business Boot Camp (GRBBC) please click here to be taken to the official GRBBC website or register now by printing and completing the PDF below:

GRBBC Testimonials

  • Rosanna von Sacken
    “Michelle pushed me out of my comfort zone…practicing repeatedly on how to up-sell and how to promote myself and my business has been the most valuable.  She helped me to re-think my approach to market me and my services.”
  • Lisa Edwards
    “Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm for graphics, consulting and changing the world, were contagious! GRBBC helped me to see my skills as a unified offering, and helped me determine how to position my offering to clients.  FUN, HARD WORK”!!
  • Anne Jess (current IFVP board member)
    “For me, this workshop has been a highlight of the past 5 years.”
  • Deborah LeFrank
    “As someone who doesn’t fit within the corporate graphic recording world, I felt that my very specific needs and desires were completely addressed and honored”
  • Lisa Arora (current IFVP board member)
    “In 3 days you will be able to sell your worth confidently, double what you make on each gig and triple your value to your clients…take this workshop…and laugh your ass off while you journey with Michelle to seeing your uniqueness and amazing possibility”!!
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