Being Born Without a Filter

I was born and raised in New York (or “NewYawk” as my family would pronounce it).  There are a lot of amazing benefits to being raised as a New Yorker: grittiness, perseverence, character, the ability to talk loudly and command space, and a very high pain tolerance. Plus an uncanny ability to not be able to enjoy any food not made in New York…fyi it just doesn’t taste the same.  But the one characteristic I’ve always loved about New Yorkers is their lack of a filter when speaking. It’s TRANSPARENCY at its finest….ahem…or sometimes its WORST frankly.

I think one of the reasons I love to blog is because it’s a place for me to house all the millions of business ideas and concepts rolling around in my head. I am in perpetual learning mode and I need to share it! It’s unbelievably annoying.  However, it also gives me an uncensored forum to express ideas.  My own personal lack of a filter serves me well as a consultant.  I don’t waste time with formalities and properness and instead choose to say what needs to be said to move a group forward.


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