It’s always awesome when people say nice things about you behind your back.  Or to your face.  Or in an email.  Or (let’s face it) anytime, really.  Here are some of our favorites, so you get a sense of how our clients feel about working with Michelle Boos-Stone and our incredible team.
  • Sanjay Sood, Anderson School of Business, UCLA
    “I just received the packet that you did for the Medical Marketing Workshop, and I must say the whole thing looks fabulous! You managed to capture the essence of the sessions, incredibly executed and incredibly valuable to the participants.  Thanks for all your hard work, enthusiasm and positive energy – you are a pleasure to be around!  I hope we get to work together again in the future.”
  • John McCloskey, Deputy Director of Training, NeighborWorks America
    “When I tallied the results of over a dozen sessions at our Training of Top Notch Trainers event, Michelle’s interactive workshop was the highest rated session.  The most common feedback from our experienced group of professional trainers was that people wanted more time – just the kind of feedback I like to hear.  Michelle exudes a positive energy that perfectly complements her creativity and talent.  We’ve enjoyed her services three times and look forward to having her back again.”
  • David Isaacs, Co-Originator, The World Café
    “Dear Michelle, (via email) This is a very belated electronic thank you for the thoughtful, creative, personal, and professional support that you gave to me and to the World Café orientation session at the Systems Thinking in Action Conference in November. Your preparation, production and presentation of the graphics and your friendly, ebullient and enthusiastic energy that you always seem to have forward in the times I’ve been with you.  It was wonderful collaborating.  I’ll look forward to opportunities to work together again. Juanita joins me in sending wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!”
  • Greg Zlevor, Principal Westwood Consulting Intl
    “I have worked with Michelle for over a decade. I have asked her to work with over one thousand people in the US and small groups in Singapore. She’s incredibly adaptable and talented. Every single group I have taken her to and every project she has helped me with has been a WOW! Watching her work is amazing. And, she’s great with people too. She can draw, train, design meetings, and present…the only thing I haven’t seen her do is leap a building in a single bound.”
  • Charles Alday, Principal, Pipeline Performance Group
    “Michelle Boos-Stone is a joyful person and brings a wonderful presence to her clients and to life. As a consultant, her strategic and practical solutions enhanced our work with pipeline controllers.  The result was improved performance and morale.  Management goals were met.  The most important result was increased job satisfaction for the people on the front lines.  Michelle connects with people in meaningful ways that builds trust and confidence.  Her creative approaches at meetings and applications of her work after keep the conversations going along the pipeline for months after the meeting ends.  We will work with Michelle forever.”
  • Tina Tan, Dir., Organisational Development, Singapore Civil Service College
    “The Singapore Civil Service College had the privilege to engage Ms Michelle Boos-Stone to be our graphic recorder for our Organisational Learning Conference.  The proceedings were beautifully captured in graphic recordings by Michelle.  She is very professional in her work and a joy to work with.  Michelle is able to understand and display the inter-connectivity among the various ideas and concepts and provide a succinct summary of the whole conference.  Her visual recordings gave participants a new dimension and creative perspective to the overall picture of the conference and helped them in their recollection of the key points.  We look forward to working with Michelle again.”
  • David Quillin, Executive Event Production Manager, The Coca-Cola Company
    “Michelle is the consummate professional who listens, interprets and delivers high quality experiential communication that bridges the gap between business plans and business communications.  She adds insight and value to every project.”
  • Juanita Brown, Co-Originator, The World Cafe
    “Michelle has a unique gift for making complex thinking come alive with a combination of visual language, thought provoking images, and the creation of visual tools that enable strategic conversations to spread from their original source into larger networks of relevant stakeholders to an organization’s future.  She’s a true innovator in her field!”
  • Kate O’Keefe, Fmr. Director of Executive Education and Dev., Honeywell, Inc.
    “In addition to having powerful graphic arts skills, Michelle brings an understanding of leadership and organizational development, which both ensures the accuracy of her visual representations and intellectually and energetically forwards the objective of the gathering.  She works as a true partner, generously supporting and engaging in the entire event and doing the utmost to serve her customers.  I’ve seen her work engage multiple levels of an organization, from first-level managers to CEOs.  Like Michelle, her work is intelligent, creative, beautiful and unique!”
  • Louis Csoka, CEO, Performance Systems International
    “Michelle’s work in capturing (graphically recording) the essence of my presentations in real time as I went was extraordinary. Her artwork reflected an instant grasp of the ideas and captured the key points in a light-hearted, yet powerful way.  The cartoon style has a wonderful flow that enables easy review and reflection of the material.”
  • Mike Barron, Director, Organizational Development, Whirlpool Corporation
    “Michelle’s presence in the room raises the level of energy and provides color and excitement to what could be just another meeting!  She brought clarity to the disparate thoughts of our multiple leaders trying to be heard.  She does so much more than draw:  she has great insights into business and helps to bring out the really impactful points.  Briefing her on a meeting she was going to record for us turned into a great consulting session that significantly improved our agenda. I consider her an integral partner and look forward to more opportunities to work together.”
  • Rob Galford, Managing Partner, Center for Executive Development
    “Michelle Boos-Stone adds magic to a room!  I’ve seen offsites come alive as a result of her work. Her efforts illustrate, both literally and figuratively, the power of ideas.  Concepts that lie flat on a flip chart take on form and meaning to all participants.  Her work helps create outputs that endure long after an executive session is over.”
  • Vince Pinneri, Fmr. VP of Beverage Partners Worldwide, a joint venture between Coca-Cola and Nestle
    “Michelle is a true partner who assumed equal responsibility and commitment for the desired outcomes of building personal leadership and a distinctive culture within our team.  She has an ability to break down inhibitions through her personal enthusiasm, positiveness and engaging style.  Even more impressive is how quickly she develops relationsips with each individual based on trust and a belief that she understands their individual needs and has the technical expertise which will help them become better in the way that they want to be better.  She is excellent at her craft.”
  • Donna Kastner, Senior Facilitator, Enlighten 123, Inc.
    “I won the lottery.  While all the graphic recorders were quite good, mine was the absolute best.  Having someone as astute AND artistic as Michelle was a big help for me—and much appreciated by all participants in our learning lab.”
  • Judith E. Glaser, CEO, Benchmark Communications, Inc. and best selling author of Creating We and The DNA of Leadership
    “Michelle Boos-Stone brings a rare combination of insight and wisdom to clients through her extraordinary graphic illustrations.  As clients see their dialogue turned into imagery it accelerates connectivity, opens new possibilities, and expands the capacity for teams and individuals to shape their future together.”
  • Barbara Bund, Professor and Speaker, Massachussetts Institute of Technology and best-selling author of The Outside-In Corporation
    “The graphic recording is great for helping participants distill and remember what they are learning.  What impresses me most, however, (or to be truthful, what completely amazed me) was that you got the content right –ALL THE TIME. I never would have believed that someone could, in real time, distill the important point from what she was hearing for the first time and could then communicate it in such an accessible and clear (and fun) way for the participants.  Amazing.”
  • Michelle Criste, Ret. Commanding Officer, The United States Coast Guard
    “I brought my entire staff of Coast Guard instructors to the Beginners Graphic Recording Workshop.  There was much reservation among our staff about learning this new skill.  To my surprise even the most skeptical individuals found themselves successfully graphically recording and enjoying it!  My staff and I were so impressed by Michelle’s facilitation skills and personable approach, we are already talking about engaging her services again…we just can’t get enough.”
  • Ayoka Turner, Independent Consultant, San Francisco, CA
    “Going through Michelle’s Utilizing Graphics to Enhance Your Trainings was a total blast!  I facilitate meetings and workshops all the time – and I always apologize for my charts!  After taking this class I was able to experiment with some new chart techniques, practice my writing and get past my fear of drawing.  She rocks!  After going through the class I brought Michelle in to work with my consulting practice to bring life and color into my written products.  Working with Michelle on a project like this has opened new doors for my consulting work.  My products have achieved a new level of professionalism and I owe it all to Michelle!  I can’t wait to work with her again.”
  • Rosanna von Sacken, Graphic Recorder and Business Consultant
    “Michelle pushed me out of my comfort zone…practicing repeatedly on how to up-sell and how to promote myself and my business has been the most valuable.  She helped me to re-think my approach to market me and my services.”
  • Lisa Edwards, Graphic Recorder, Wellness Consultant
    “Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm for graphics, consulting and changing the world, were contagious! GRBBC helped me to see my skills as a unified offering, and helped me determine how to position my offering to clients.  FUN, HARD WORK”!!
  • Anne Jess, Graphic Recorder/Business Consultant and current IFVP board member
    “For me, this workshop has been a highlight of the past 5 years.”
  • Deborah LeFrank, Graphic Recorder & Life Mapping Designer
    “As someone who doesn’t fit within the corporate graphic recording world, I felt that my very specific needs and desires were completely addressed and honored”
  • Lisa Arora, Graphic Recorder, Facilitator and current IFVP board member
    “In 3 days you will be able to sell your worth confidently, double what you make on each gig and triple your value to your clients…take this workshop…and laugh your ass off while you journey with Michelle to seeing your uniqueness and amazing possibility”!!
  • Sarah Kasman, Executive Director, Shanti Orange County
    “To Michelle Boos-Stone, our amazing consultant, mentor and guide we owe you such a debt of gratitude for guiding us to the plateau we have reached at the end of 2011.  You have been working with Shanti for a year and have become truly part of the Shanti “Family.”
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