About Michelle

10 Things You Might Be Surprised To Learn About Michelle Boos-Stone

1. Michelle is a born and bred New Yorker and has a New Yawk accent like nobody’s business that (mostly) remains hidden during the daytime.

2. Back in the late 1980s Michelle sported hair so high that the top part of the pouf had to be cropped out of her passport photo.

3. One time on a plane from DFW, she sat in first class next to a WWF wrestler who sent her 7 dozen roses to her hotel room and a VIP pass to his wresting match.  (No, she didn’t attend).

4. Michelle has been in 2 plane crashes and 2 hotel fires.  And lived.

5. As a young girl, Michelle’s grandmother was a dressmaker at Henri Bendel’s in NYC and she made dresses for Helen Keller.

6. Two of Michelle’s favorite artists are Brian Andreas and Erin Smith because they make her laugh. Hard.

7. One of the funniest things someone’s ever said to Michelle is “Even Ghandi would’ve smacked you in the head.”

8. One time when working with a client Michelle went to a honky-tonk country bar.  At Disneyland.  In Paris, France.  No joke.

9. Michelle once broke her foot and walked on it broken for 3 days before going to the hospital.  She only went in because she couldn’t get her luggage and briefcase up the stairs in her 5th floor walk-up apartment in Boston.

10. She once ordered “pasta with black truffles” while at a group dinner working in a castle in Switzerland with a Fortune 100 client.  She was disappointed when her meal came and it turned out, in fact, that it was not covered in chocolate, but instead the truffles had been dug out of the ground by French warthogs at $250/lb. Who knew?

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