10 Things You Might Be Surprised To Learn About Michelle Boos-Stone

1. Michelle is a born and bred New Yorker and has a New Yawk accent like nobody’s business that (mostly) remains hidden during the daytime.

2. Back in the late 1980s Michelle sported hair so high that the top part of the pouf had to be cropped out of her passport photo.

3. One time on a plane from DFW, she sat in first class next to a WWF wrestler who sent her 7 dozen roses to her hotel room and a VIP pass to his wresting match.  (No, she didn’t attend).

4. Michelle has been in 2 plane crashes and 2 hotel fires.  And lived.

5. As a young girl, Michelle’s grandmother was a dressmaker at Henri Bendel’s in NYC and she made dresses for Helen Keller.

6. Two of Michelle’s favorite artists are Brian Andreas and Erin Smith because they make her laugh. Hard.

7. One of the funniest things someone’s ever said to Michelle is “Even Ghandi would’ve smacked you in the head.”

8. One time when working with a client Michelle went to a honky-tonk country bar.  At Disneyland.  In Paris, France.  No joke.

9. Michelle once broke her foot and walked on it broken for 3 days before going to the hospital.  She only went in because she couldn’t get her luggage and briefcase up the stairs in her 5th floor walk-up apartment in Boston.

10. She once ordered “pasta with black truffles” while at a group dinner working in a castle in Switzerland with a Fortune 100 client.  She was disappointed when her meal came and it turned out, in fact, that it was not covered in chocolate, but instead the truffles had been dug out of the ground by French warthogs at $250/lb. Who knew?

At Five Elements Consulting Group we believe that everyone can be a leader from wherever they sit inside an organization.  We believe in identifying and harnessing the power and energy of individual contributors to create a more powerful, collaborative future of new possibilities…together.  We do this through a process of ENGAGEMENT and COLLABORATION that touches on your beliefs, values, vision, presence, connections, and an ability to adapt to change.  We create the space for leaders to discover their own potential and enable them a path to get there.  We show leaders the advanced tools and skills they need for effective decision-making and execution to enable sustained performance.  And perhaps even more importantly, how to create and grow a culture of trust, vitality, learning and collaboration.
In Chinese philosophy, the Five Elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  Each represents a basic form of energy and conceives the world as dynamic states of constant change.  The theory is that all material things are made of a single Element or a combination of the Five Elements and that all five are equally important.  Together they form a BALANCE, while being in a state of cyclical change and constant movement.   There are natural, creative changes with harmonious transitions from one phase to another.  In business, we are faced with constant change.  We believe that through a deeper understanding of the transitions of change and by enabling powerful conversations, tools, skills, and new thinking that leaders and teams can thrive and sustain growth through times of turbulence.
Our philosophy is that we are products of our past experiences and that in order for us to move ahead, to be better, to be different and to imagine a new future, we must be able to shift our own existing models and paradigms to elicit the best from each individual, and be willing to stand for each other’s success in a collaborative and meaningful way.  We simply can’t move forward by doing what we’ve been doing.  We will show you a new path for thinking, learning and sustainable growth.
Our team of incredible thought leaders and practitioners will help you and your team connect in a richer, more meaningful way, create direction, build practices, make strategic decisions and gain momentum…NOW.  And simply put, we do things differently:



♦  We honor individuals’ learning styles  (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) and design our consulting, workshops, events and coaching around the learner.  This translates into highly visual graphic presence in maps and charts, utilizing Graphic Recorders during meetings to capture content live and in the moment, and thoughtfully staging the physical meeting space to allow individuals to learn in comfort.




♦  We use digital and visual media to tell your stories.  We create powerful historical documentation of your processes, your events and your models so that your key messages can be articulately communicated with others and be shared in varied  forms.  We have the experts and the technology to make your ideas come to life in both virtual and physical forms through digital storyboarding, graphic charts and maps and highly memorable communication collateral.




♦  Our team is passionate, totally fun and we love to work together.  At Five Elements Consulting Group, we thrive in collaboration and every person on our team has a personal commitment to exceeding client expectations.  It’s just what we care about.  Together, we do whatever it takes for the client and we have a blast doing it.  Our team has a foundation of trust that guides our behaviors and our work together in a respectful, familial way that brings out the best in each of us.  We stand for our clients’ and each others’ success.  Period.



 ♦  We teach you and your leaders how to BUILD TRUST.  Without trust, leaders cannot grow.  We teach powerful behavioral skills and tools to help you as a leader understand how to make engagement, collaboration and trust part of the work you do every day.  Why? Because trust is inherently part of every successful business culture and it’s at the core of what makes a great leader.  Leaders must care.






♦  We get change.  (We REALLY get it).  The business world is in constant flux.  We teach leaders how to embrace change and adapt to the ebb and flow.  That adaptability allows leaders to develop and tune their strategy to meet shifting goals and changing realities.








♦  We operate from a place of AUTHENTICITY and we tell the truth.  If you want an honest assessment of what’s REALLY going on within your leadership team, on your Board, or the results of your associate survey, then by all means please call us.  If you want an external person to come in and drive a message you’ve already crafted, well that’s just NOT us.  We have a strong belief in AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION and are willing to take a stand for it.  Always.  It’s how we think it should be.









♦  We stand for POSSIBILITY…in every person, in every leader and in every way.  Research shows that the most indispensible leaders are uniquely outstanding at a few things, not a million things.  We help your leaders, from wherever they sit within the organization, to identify their instinctive talents…and to grow them through experiential team learning, perception shifting, skill building and personalized coaching.






♦  Employee happiness and engagement should be a priority.  We believe that successful organizations truly care about their people, and that employee wellbeing drives both productivity and profit.  We have a process to help you dissect the data from your associate surveys and create a plan for short/long term strategic changes to clearly address key issues…quickly.  We feel it doesn’t matter if the results are truthful or not; to your people, PERCEPTION is everything.  Sometimes a thoughtful, clear communication plan is all it takes to reignite passion in your people. Your people WANT to be inspired.  It’s our job to show you how to do just that.


♦  We help you hear the VOICE OF YOUR CUSTOMER.  Whether they are internal or external customers, we conduct focus groups and interviews to ensure you have a clear and honest picture of your business from the outside in.  We will facilitate you through a comprehensive customer-focused strategy that allows you to tackle the biggest obstacles with a customer-based reason for every action you take. Your company’s survival and success relies on your ability to sense and satisfy your customers’ needs.  Really, nothing else matters.
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