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    Our next Boot Camp is coming up quickly so REGISTER TODAY to develop the business expertise you need to run a successful Graphic Recording practice! DATES:  February 18-20, 2013 in Cypress, CA

  • With awareness comes responsibility to ACT

    When you prune a tree, you remove the dead branches and leaves that do not serve its growth, and dead branches and leaves drain energy that could be used to produce more fruit. Our focus is to help you and your team learn to “prune your distractions” and REINVEST YOUR ENERGY…where it MATTERS.
  • Persistent and additional action, coupled with engagement and commitment, produces exponential results. Period.

     We believe that EVERYONE must share in the experience of providing leadership. And when people feel they have a voice, TOGETHER they are able to create a future full of unparalleled possibilities. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. And it is INCREDIBLE to watch what happens.
  • Collective, Collaborative, Compassionate Leadership

    Through the creation of a LEADERFUL CULTURE you ignite the natural skills, talents and expertise of your people to contribute to the growth of your team or organization, while allowing them to remain AUTHENTIC and true to themselves so they always bring their best selves to work. 

    We help you bring out the best in your people by building on their instinctive talents, strengths and gifts. (It also happens to be one of the easiest ways to both honor…and keep your best people.)
  • In order for us to envision our best future and be our best selves, we must LET GO OF THE PAST

    In Chinese philosophy, the element of metal has to do with intuition, withering, and then letting go.  How many opportunities have you missed because you held on tightly to your existing models, paradigms or beliefs, and you weren’t even open to the possibility of a different or better outcome? We help you to SEE the possibility for a new way of doing things.  And a new way of BEING.

Does ENGAGEMENT really impact positive business outcomes?

Testing Our Assumptions

Wikipedia defines Employee Engagement as “employees who are fully involved in and enthusiastic about their work and thus will act in a way that furthers their organization’s interests.”  According to Scarlett Surveys, Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employee’s positive or negative EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to their job, colleagues and organization that profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work.
It’s our belief that Employee Engagement is an absolutely essential piece to the culture puzzle.  Without it, you have associates who show up each day bringing only pieces of who they are, but never their “whole selves.”  You have associates who have the skills and expertise to do more…but they aren’t motivated to want to do so.
1Engaged employees CARE about the future of the company and they’re willing to invest themselves in that future with extra discretionary effort.  They feel a strong emotional bond to the company.  This results in higher retention rates, higher productivity levels, healthier employees and lower absenteeism.  So heck yeah, we think it ABSOLUTELY impacts positive business outcomes and results.
2We can help you dissect your Associate Survey results and discover the root causes for lack of associate/employee engagement, and help you figure out exactly what your people are saying (and, by the way, in facilitating these processes we’ve found that even though the “truth” may be questionable, for associates, PERCEPTION is everything).  We’ll then help you package, present and communicate the message to leadership in the form of structured strategies for success (or “countermeasures”).  Your employees are counting on you to HEAR them.  Be their VOICE, make degrees of POSITIVE STRATEGIC CHANGE…and communicate, communicate, communicate the actions and results back to them in an ongoing, meaningful way.  It will change the way your people show up.  It will change everything.
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Five Elements Consulting Group is located just 25 minutes south of Los Angeles.  Give us a call and let’s have a conversation about your specific project, or what’s going on inside your organization or on your team.  We’ll help you think through the best ways to move forward to get the results you truly desire. We’d love to hear from you!

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“Michelle Boos-Stone on How We Do Things Differently”


In this short video Michelle Boos-Stone, Founder and Principal of Five Elements Consulting Group, talks about how she and her team produce exceptional client experiences through “doing things differently.”


Michelle’s philosophy is that deeply understanding and partnering with her clients is key to understanding what’s going on within the organization, and that helping them determine ways to manage and embrace change is critical.


We believe that leaders sit at every level inside the organization and it’s up to us to empower them to bring out the best in them.  When our people feel valued and they TRULY CARE, they can produce exponentially different results for the organization. Period.


We teach your people how to navigate change, how to build trust and learn simple models to create a stronger, more resilient culture.  And thankfully, we have no idea how to do boring meetings. It’s not in our DNA.  Instead we believe if you’re laughing, you’re learning.  (Plan to learn…and laugh a lot.)



Know Their Story

I believe that in order to truly “get” your client you have take the time to listen to…and hear…their story. Their history is an important part of their future and many times they can’t take steps forward without having their story acknowledged. It’s a way to help them move into possibility.

So listen. Just listen.

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The Power of Building Trust

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: there’s no better way to alleviate conflict, grow your team and foster a culture where everyone feels valued and heard than BUILDING TRUST. But building trust ain’t so easy is it?! It takes people on your team being willing to take a risk…be vulnerable….open their “house” to others. It is a courageous act. I had the gift of watching a misaligned executive leadership team take huge risks, stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones, and begin to see one another very differently…by lunchtime today they’d pushed their lunch tables together…so as to not leave anyone out. I could’ve cried to simply see that…something they didn’t even realize they’d done.

What inside of us opens up to allow new things in? My theory is that you can’t let new stuff in without letting old stuff GO. We have to let go of the little things, assume positive intent on behalf of others, and take risks in order to grow ourselves as leaders.

And when you take that risk, make that leap, and leave behind the “yuck”…man, it CHANGES EVERYTHING.

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Speaking So Others Will LISTEN

I’m always trying to learn how to engage people in new ways.  I’m a firm believer in PRESENCE, in that if you have presence, people will listen to what you say.  But there’s also a few tricks that I’ve learned along the way.  Here are a few to share: 

1.  To capture someone’s attention, start the sentence with the person’s name.  When they hear you say their name, it makes people feel special and often compels them to listen to what comes next.

2.  When you’re on the phone with someone, SMILE when you’re talking.  It makes your voice come across as friendlier and it makes people want to listen to you.  I tell my mentees to always have a mirror on their desk so they can ensure they SEE themselves smiling when talking on the phone.

3.  Stop saying the word “BUT…” It often negates everything that was said before it and is generally a big turnoff.  Replace it with “And…”

4.  Stop saying the word “SHOULD”  It makes people feel as if they’re being lectured to, and it might just make them ignore what you’re saying entirely.  Replace it with “How about if we…”

5.  Own your voice.  When you’re upset, hurt or angry, always begin by saying “I feel…” or “I think…”  It takes the harshness out of your anger.  If you start there, you will almost guaranteed have a better outcome.

6.  Make eye contact immediately…people have super short attention spans!  Eye contact says “I’m listening to you” without being so overt.  And it makes you pay attention more too.

7. Truly LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN and don’t just “build your response” while the other person is speaking.  Often when others speak we are just waiting for a break for us to jump in and share OUR experience of that same thing.  Instead (and I learned this in Singapore), PAUSE for 10 seconds after the person is done speaking, THEN make your comment.  NOTE:  this is totally and amazingly hard to do.  Just keep practicing!

When we take the time to listen to others and speak in ways that show that we care, it allows others to engage with us in more meaningful ways, and strengthens our relationships.  And when people feel heard, they feel safe enough to share their own ideas and thinking back…and that’s when we get the best of our people.

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